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Blind Angler Grill, 5899A Beach Ave., Peachland, BC
Phone: 250-767-9264
Chef and Co-Owner: Cherie Bokis
Co-Owner: Nancy McDonald
Winter Hours: Monday thru Friday 11:30 to whenever. Sat and Sunday open at 9:30 a.m. to whenever.
Summer Hours: open seven days a week from 9:30 am until they get tired and want to go home.
Indoors Seats: 40 / Summer Deck on Lake: 24 / Front Deck: 20
Price Range: $$
Literally right on the lake. Casual attire. Reservations recommended.

It's hard to find a place that serves gourmet food where your kids can enjoy chicken fingers and fries. The Blind Angler is one of those places. Located right on the lake, it's the perfect place to wile away the hours whatever the season.

A word of caution - this is not your ordinary restaurant. Co-Owner Nancy McDonald has a tendency to be rather flamboyant and may break into song at any moment during your meal, just because she can. Also, there is no set closing time so reservations are recommended as they close whenever they feel like going home.

I've eaten here several times and it's always good. We started off our meal with a martini - and a darn fine one it was. McDonald has the magic touch when it comes to mixing drinks and her Caramel Apple Martini was sinfully delicious. Made with vanilla vodka, butter ripple liqueur and green apple sourpuss, this was the perfect way to start off the variety of flavours coming our way.


The Edamame is a great appie at only $9. The Angler makes this standard dish their own by topping it with garlic chips sautéed in a sesame syracha, sesame seeds and soy sauce with a side of sesame vinaigrette dip.

Another great appie, which could double as a light lunch, is the Red Curry Peanut Clams at $14. Swimming in a sauce of onions, garlic, red curry peanut butter paste and coconut milk, this is one flavourful dish. The creamy sauce slides over the tongue and leaves behind a touch of warmth that makes you wanting more.

BA_ribs_SThe house favourite is the Angler Ribs for $24. You get a whole rack of baby back ribs smothered in your choice of zesty Jack Daniel's barbeque sauce or a red curry peanut Thai sauce. This time out I chose the JD sauce and it was delicious. The dish was beautifully presented with baby potatoes baked in rosemary, carrots sautéed and lemon and garlic butter and asparagus cooked to perfection. The veggies alone are worth it.


I added prawns to their Vegetarian Mediterranean Linguine ($18 before prawns) for our second entrée. The noodles are lightly tossed with tomatoes, onions, peppers and kalamata olives in a fennel oil sauce topped with feta cheese. Can you say yum!

The use of a vinaigrette instead of a cream sauce brings all the flavours to the fore. The sauce is tangy yet sweet sauce with hints of white wine, garlic and black pepper. Each bite is slightly different than the one before. The dish comes with crispy garlic toast, grilled, not toasted.

If you've read this far, you've probably figured out this is not the place to go if you are seriously counting calories. And if you hadn't - their desserts will seal the deal.

You must try one or both of these desserts. The Almond Rocha Sundae ($7) is made with McDonald's mother's homemade almond Rocha and if you are watching your waistline - have salad for dinner and then order this for dessert. Yes, it is that good.

BACarrotCake_STied for most delicious and decadent dessert is Lita's Carrot Cake (also $7) made from Bokis's sister's recipe. It is sliced – fried in butter – drizzled with warm lemon cream cheese and presented beautifully for your enjoyment. It's best to have this after a good work out so your body is still burning calories when you tuck in!

All of the above was accompanied by Volcanic Hills Pinot Gris, of which I am a fan since I experienced my first sip last summer. We were also served an Aces 7 Deuce Red, a blend of Merlot, Shiraz and Cab. I must say I am really beginning to like this winery and I'm putting it on my watch list.

To sum up this review – save the Blind Angler for a special night when you can eat whatever you want – it is well worth it.

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