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CedarCreek Terrace Restaurant          
5445 Lakeshore Road
Kelowna, BC
250-764-8866 ext 107


Executive Chef: Robert Erickson

Sous Chef: Bret Dawson
Hospitality Manager: Marsha Morrish

Hours: Weather permitting

Monday - Thursday, Sunday
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Friday and Saturday
11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sunday Brunch and Yoga 
starting at 9:30 a.m.



Okanagan attire recommended

Reservations recommended

Ocean Wise Restaurant

Patio seats: 46
Special Event Seating: 60


There is nothing quite like dining out on a terrace with beautiful views of the lake and vineyards.  You get that, and great food too, at CedarCreek Terrace Restaurant.

Please take note; this is world-class cuisine in a superb Okanagan setting. You can't experience this place in just an hour, so plan accordingly. I know I didn't want to leave!CedarCreek_Terrace

The menu at CedarCreek has been carefully planned for every palate and it was very hard to choose which dishes to order.  Fortunately, my tablemates like to share so I was able to sample a bit of everything.

My favourite starter was the Indian spice crusted elk carpaccio. The tease of garam and tandoori masala flavours mixed with the mustard sesame vinaigrette, shaved grana padano and salty, crispy capers combined flawlessly with the elk.  The carpaccio was the perfect thinness and oh, so tender. The dish is served with crunchy baguette's to round out the experience. I love it when a dish has so many nuances that you are automatically inclined to spend time savouring every bite.

My tablemates had the duck confit phyllo tart and the seared Vancouver Island scallops, the latter served with a tasty cucumber brunoise salsa, Italian parsley and apricot vinaigrette. While the scallops woke up the pallet, the duck confit was more comforting with its earthy flavours of mushroom and honey.  

CedarCreek_PrawnsFor the main course I had the prawn tagliatelle provencal. Made with heirloom tomatoes, shallots, roasted garlic, fresh herbs and chilies, this dish had a nice kick to it.  It was delicious with the CedarCreek Reisling, (a nice dry, crisp astringent wine with overtones of lime and a slight creamy aftertaste) which help calm some of the heat supplied by the spices.

The Halibut cheeks were also very fresh. They had that wonderful fresh fish taste without being fishy. The Quinoa was done to perfection with a hint of lemon. This is a great gluten free dish.

The Bison ribs were sweet, tender, and created to be enjoyed slowly while looking out over the vineyard and the lake.

Dessert was a no brainer for the entire table. Chocolate reigns supreme in my world, as it does in theirs. We had the chocolate torte topped with cinnamon whip and served with a hint of both caramel and raspberry sauce for sliding the chocolate through on the way to your mouth.

In a word, lunch at CedarCreek was delectable.

I have no doubt that everything Chef Erickson creates will be as equally delicious as the dishes I was privileged to taste.

CedarCreek also has two gardens, one herb, and one vegetable, which is one of the reasons their food tastes so fresh. If they don't grow it, they buy it from local farmers.

If you like Yoga, be sure to try out their Sunday Yoga Brunch. Be forewarned it usually sells out by Monday. Yoga starts at 9:30 a.m. and goes until 10:30. Before Yoga, order from the a la carte menu and your food is ready when you are finished your class. Not bad for only $25.   

For more info check out their website at

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