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News FeedsCatherine has been working as the Communications Manager for Tourism Kelowna for over 8 years and is a tireless advocate and ambassador for Kelowna’s tourism product. Her zest for learning all about the local agricultural scene, farm-to-table dining, finding the hidden gems along Kelowna’s 5 wine trails, and meeting Kelowna’s many tourism characters borders on fanatical. She loves to make preserves (“why wouldn’t you when you live in this fruit basket of the world?”); is an adventurous home cook (“all these food writers and chefs are rubbing off on me!”); could probably conduct tours at any of Kelowna’s 25 wineries (“life’s short, drink great Kelowna wine!”); and knows her way around the local hiking trails. This blog allows her to share her enthusiasm (umm, obsession?) for Kelowna’s varied tourism attractions and activities, and some of the colourful characters she meets along the way.

Ripe With Surprises