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A picture is worth 100,000 smiles

Kelowna, B.C. ~ Okanagan Photographers once again join a world- wide photo shoot focusing on those in the background.

On December 1st, 2012 photographers from around the Okanagan will take part in a simple event with a lasting impact, Help Portrait.

Help Portrait is a movement of photographers around the world who use their time and expertise to take the photos of those in need.
This is the third year Kelowna is taking part in the event with the help of volunteer photographers, make-up artists and members of the community.

" As a photographer it’s a sweet moment when you see how much a person lights up when they view their photos for the first time, but seeing this in someone who might normally never have an opportunity to experience a photo shoot like this is a privilege for us."

~ Jessica Balfour, Help Portrait Kelowna Organizer

Once again, local organizers have partnered with organizations like NOW Canada, Kelowna’s Gospel Mission, Metro Community Church, the Arthritis Society and Brain Trust Canada to find the people who could truly benefit from this project. Last year Help Portrait Kelowna had more than 200 photos taken and delivered to more 140 different families and individuals.
By joining with local businesses as sponsors, the photographers are able to take portraits of adults, children and families, giving them back the pictures… free of charge.

December 1st  10am - 4pm at The French Cultural Centre, corner of Bernard and Richter

Help Portrait is the brain child of US celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart. Since its inception in 2009 more than 169,000 portraits have been given by more than 15,500 photographers in 56 Countries.

For more information:
Jessica Balfour Photography
(250) 862-8375   (b)
(250) 212-3383   (c)

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