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David F Ross and his combo, Colors, will be returning to the Bike Shop Cafe at 101-1357 Ellis Street Kelowna, BC  on Saturday, Oct 13, 2012 They will be premiering David's First single, Try.

The show starts at 7 p.m.  Dinner and drinks are available. Call for Reservations. (250) 861-6858

 Make sure to catch David's appearance this fall o the new program, The Seen, On Shaw Cable.

dave_at_pandosySo who is this David F. Ross....  let me tell you

David was selected from songwriters across western Canada to participate in the prestigious Henderson Forbes song writing workshop.  He's been playing guitar since the his teens and was born and raised in Vancouver.

David grew up listening to the Eagles Aerosmth, the Beatles the Stones, Zeppelin,Van Morrison, John Fogarty, Bad Company.. you know... all the great baby boomer bands.  

Now, David lives in Kelowna and is in the middle of recording his first full album with local award winning producer, Andrew Smith

His music can vary from Jimmy Buffet style Island music to Rock hard like Melencamp. You can check him out on SoundCloud - just click here. 

You can download his music for free for a limited time. "There's no point in point in writing and recording songs unless they are shared," he said.

He sent me his first single, Try, and I must admit it's pretty darn good. I love the harmonies in this song. Want to hear it?  Get out to the Bike Shop Cafe on Oct 13th.  Enjoy our local talent!

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