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john-mellencamp-performs-fort-lauderdale--florida-18On Thursday, June 14, John Mellencamp and his band roll into town for the No Better Than This tour with special guests, Canada's very own Cowboy Junkies.

Mellencamp and his band are sure to please as they perform a collection of songs from over 30 years of music. They will also be performing songs from No Better Than This, their recent critically acclaimed album, produced by T Bone Burnett. It was recorded in several locations including Savannah, Georgia’s historic First African Baptist Church, (a stop on the underground railroad” for runaway slaves) at Sun Studio in Memphis (where Elvis Presley, Howlin’ Wolf, Johnny Cash and many others originally recorded) as well as in Room 414 of San Antonio's Gunter Hotel (where Robert Johnson recorded in 1936). All of the sessions were documented on a 55-year-old mono tape recorder using just one vintage microphone at each location. 

cowboyjunkies_2The Cowboy Junkies have recently completed their fourth and last album in their Nomad series and may be performing songs from all four albums.

Gonzo interviewed Alan Anton, the bassist for the Cowboy Junkies and Mike Wanchic, guitar player, among other things, for Mellencamp's band. Wanchic, who has been with Mellencamp for 34 years, has worked with pretty much everyone from Bob Dylan to Sue Medley.

Click here for the full interview with Alan Anton, and here for the interview with Mike Wanchic.

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