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RainNOv2PHOTO CREDIT: Tom Kliner, Sleighrider Media

On November 2, 2012 the rain finally stopped pelting the good citizens of the Okanagan just long enough for them to file into the South Okanagan Events Centre to see RAIN.

This Beatles Tribute band is well honed, and from the quality of the show, you can see why they were on Broadway for over 300 shows.  From the musicians themselves to the video stream running on either side of the stage and behind the band, this is one tight presentation - brilliant.

Rain2NOv2PHOTO CREDIT: Tom Kliner, Sleighrider Media

If you were there when the Beatles first emerged on the music scene in the 60s, the black and white video brought you right back to that time. For most of the audience, (who were too young to remember that time), it was a great audio/visual history lesson.

RAIN is not your average tribute band. These guys are highly organized and have turned being a tribute band into big business. There are 14 members in RAIN. For the Penticton leg the tour the audience was treated to the musical expertise of Jim Irizarry (John), Tom Teely (George), Mac Roughing (Paul), and Douglas Cox (Ringo) with Mark Beyer on keyboards.

Although the expectation of uncanny look-alikes never materialized, it was close enough both vocally and musically. This particular grouping of RAIN was well worth the price of admission.

RAIN started off with She Loves You and by the time they finished the first half of their performance with A Day in the Life, they had traversed a better part of the 60s. From black and white to colour, from popish sounds to psychedelia, RAIN delivered every note with precision. The crowd loved it.

After a short intermission the band, complete with costume changes to reflect the times, started with All You Need is Love. By this time, kids and parents alike were dancing in the aisles. 

Looking around it was easy to see some families with four generations enjoying the music. Toddlers, teens, hip moms and mid-life crisis dads along with wiser, but still rockin' grandparents, sang and swayed as the group continued with Strawberry Fields Forever and Blackbird.

There was a slight change of pace as the band sat for a few songs, which gave everyone a chance to sit back, close their eyes and just enjoy the journey. Then it was back up again with Get Back, Revolution and The End.

After a brief but raucous call to return to the stage the group happily obliged and finished up the night with Give Peace a Chance, Let It Be, and Hey Jude.

I came away from the concert impressed on several levels. 

First and foremost, the level of professionalism and musical talent in the group was evident.  There were only brief moments of knowing glances between band mates in an otherwise audience focused presentation.

Rain_ScreenSecond, the camera work and the videos made the show.  Yes, the band was good; however, the added video experience with timelines switching back and forth between the past and the happening right now, turned this good show into a great one.

It loved watching the look on my daughter's face as they showed old footage of girls from the 60s singing along to songs being played on stage. The groovy psychedelic touches were just as entertaining for songs like Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Last but not least, the show wasn't earsplittingly loud. It was loud enough to give the audience a great concert experience, but not so loud as to blur the instruments and the voices into a mushy mess of melody and words.

Should you ever get the chance to see this performance, no matter who plays who, I highly recommend going out to see RAIN, regardless of the weather.

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