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On March 2nd at the Kamloops Convention Centre the fabric of time was ripped away as enthusiastic concertgoers were thrust back to a world full of rock solid music with real instruments and real singers on real microphones.


The evening was kicked off by Bon Jovi tribute band Blaze of Glory who transported the crowd back to a time when live music was the norm and turntables were used for playing records.

Ted Moore took to the stage as Jon Bon Jovi and judging by the girls climbing on stage, he was very convincing. The rest of the group was rounded out by a team of pros with Doug Grant on drums, Randy Robertson on guitar, Mike Champigny on bass and James Meyer on keyboards.

Blaze of Glory took everyone back to the 80s and 90s as the crowd joyfully sang lyrics at the top of their lungs. From Livin' on a Prayer to Wanted Dead or Alive, the crowd was almost as loud as the band, and they were lovin' every minute of it.

It was over far too soon for many Bon Jovi fans as Blaze of Glory left the stage and was soon replaced by Aerosmith Rocks. 

Aerosmith_Rocks_for_GonzoWith lead singer Danny Deane, you don't have to close you eyes to believe you really have been transported to a live Aerosmith concert complete with Tyleresque mannerisms. Flamboyant as Tyler himself, Deane had everyone dancing in front of the stage or in the aisles as the group rocked it old school.

Aerosmith Rocks covered three decades of classic rock with smokin' performances by Scott Oakley on lead, Dan Parker on rhythm guitar, Gordon Grand on bass guitar and Duane Franklin on drums. From Pink to Dream On, Deane in his big hats and tight jeans had the ladies swooning for his attention and the guys screaming along to the lyrics. Just as things started to heat up - they left the stage.

There was only enough time for a quick beverage refill before AC/DC tribute band Who Made Who strutted on stage and took control of the night. Again, as with the two previous bands, it was sometimes hard to remember you were at a tribute concert and not the real deal.


Favourites like Whole lotta Rosie, Highway to Hell and Thunderstruck got everyone up and dancing, no matter where they were.

Dan Hunter had AC/DC's Brian Johnson's energy and vocals nailed and Scott Folkerson had Angus Young down pat. Hunter and Folkerson along with Joe Strub, Pete Stewart and Brent Gattoni kept the crowd up and rockin' for the rest of the night. Fueled by an evening ripe with blasts from the past, Who Made Who had the crowd fist pumping right up to the last note. 

All that for only $30 …. Now that is rock 'n' roll.

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